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Gone Too Young

Having suffered the loss of an incredible human being, Ereck, my closest and best friend; I realize how utterly difficult it is to move on.

I have constant battles within my own head, at first to show emotion was to be "not strong" in lieu of the inexorable tragedy.

Showing more sadness and sorrow and crying my little eyes out would have made more sense back then, but at the time I did not feel like being overly sentimental.

I wanted to show the world that I could put on a brave face. Deep inside I wanted to make time stop.

But, as one friend noted so eloquently, time waits for nothing. I miss Ereck's memory more than anything.

I remember how he and I would talk on the phone for hours. He was the person I called for advice, not only because he was wise beyond his age, but also because he gave the best advice.

He and I were facing the same struggles in life. We both tried to find a way to make an mark in this world; he through football and his subsequent career and I through powerful oratory.

Excelling in the classroom came easy for us both. We wanted nothing more than to enjoy life without ever shaming the families that sacrificed more for us than anyone besides the two of us could comprehend.

This week, I tried to pretend that my life had moved on, but, all I could do was be sad because I know that he is not here to give me unbelievable words of wisdom or to help me like I so desperately need to be helped.

I need to be healed, but, only he can ever fill the absence. Only his presence could console the bitterness and despair harboring inside me.

I miss Ereck more than words can ever say.

Ereck was my very best friend.

Ereck I love you.

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