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15 Grooming Tips for Men

1) Easy on the tweezers; if you must tweeze those caterpillars, make sure you do not look like you spent too much time making "the perfect arches." Eyebrows are a very masculine feature, one should never have a uni-brow, but one should never have pencil thin eyebrows. When it comes to shaping eyebrows for men the name of the game is subtlety because too much alteration just looks plain creepy.

2) Treat yourself to the finer things in life occasionally. If you have room in your budget for beer and other festive drinks, you probably have room for a nice meal at a restaurant, room service, a day at the spa, and other gratifying experiences. Never expect someone else to treat you to these finer things, do it for yourself. Spend some money on you.

3) If you must have long hair, you must learn how to maintain it...the old saying goes, "it comes with the territory." 
You want to ensure that you do not look homeless. The same rules apply for facial hair.

4) I used to think all men who got pedicures were pampered, "metro", and smug; that is, until I actually got one. Treating yourself to a pedicure is actually a good call. If you're going to wear sandals, your feet have to look halfway decent. Pedicures alone can't correct the problem many men have. 

It works. Wearing socks in bed because you have ugly feet is not a good look. Some people have a foot fetish, may want to give you a foot massage, or will eventually see those feet in sandals, so make sure they look presentable.
😉Just because you're into working out does not mean you should neglect certain parts of your body. Remember, whole body focus.

5) Brush your teeth two times a day (at least), use mouthwash, floss and invest in a tongue scraper. There is never a reason for bad breath.

6) You should iron your clothes like a good gentleman before leaving the house. If you must leave the house with wrinkles...it better be a place where you know you won't run into another human being.

7) Cut your fingernails regularly. Like long hair, long fingernails require high maintenance and most women will be turned off if your fingernails are longer than their own.

8) I use Dove soap and water, but, I also do not break out. If you have an acne problem use PanOxyl, Oxy-10, or any other product with Benzoyl Peroxide. You will not regret it. Although be careful, Benzoyl Peroxide can bleach clothes if it comes in contact with your garments.

9) Invest in a scent, it is proven that people are better able to recollect memories based on the human sense of smell. If you want to be memorable, buy some cologne. However never over-do the application of cologne. And never use Old Spice. Finding the right cologne is a tiring process, but one worth doing.

10) Always wear deodorant.

11) Shine your nice shoes before going out, dull shoes can ruin an otherwise immaculate ensemble.

12) Wash your dirty laundry once a week. You do not want dirty laundry coming between you and a social event. When you miss social opportunities, you miss opportunities to network and meet the people that could change your life.

13) Burt's Bees is the balm I usually use. Sometimes I used a special vegan lip balm. Other times I've used the least expensive stuff from CVS. The key to a good balm is to not over-use the stuff. If you use too much, it looks as though you have applied lip-gloss and for a man, that is not a good look.

14) Dry cleaning is a pain to pay for, but, necessary.

15) Lastly, never wear cheesy undergarments with cheap sayings or bold prints, you never know who might see them.


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