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Pride, Friends, and Money

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Over the summer, I opened another credit card and closed the account within a week after realizing the interest rate.

I never want to be in debt (a slave), like so many others are.

Shopping should never be done without coupons and a list, whether we are talking about clothes or food, impulsive shopping leads to waste.

As the new year approaches, we should take proper steps to financial stability.

Stop walking around aimlessly in stores. Get in, get out.

Try not to spend too much time online. 

Get out and enjoy the things in life that are free. 

Buy a nice wardrobe after earning the cash, never use more than 10% of your credit limit. Try to pay the entire balance.

Remember, credit cards are supposed to be used for emergencies. Clothes are not that important.

Live cheaply, eat less, and socialize less. Many of our eating and spending decisions are influenced by other people. If you know you will be easily influenced, spend quality time at home. Do something creative, write, draw, paint, read, play a game (board or online).

I play crosswords, blog, and read. I also draw in a sketchbook. I try to cook my meals at home and eat snacks throughout the day.

Eat leftovers, as gross as that sounds, it saves you money.

Shopping on impulse is never wise. Clothes can get damaged, stolen, or tattered, but debt can last a lifetime.
Clothes do not make you classy. It is the mind that really sets you apart.
The intelligence that someone has makes them especially appealing, sophisticated, and likable.

At the same time, it pays to look good. Refer to my grooming tips.

Most of the rules can be used by women also. Personal hygiene is not expensive and it makes you appear healthier and wealthier.

Looking good should be a priority, but not the only priority. 
Being a decent person, one who treats others with respect is perhaps more important.

Recently, I went bald. It has saved me money because I no longer pay $15 every month or every two weeks on a hair cut, touch-up, or fade. Being bald may not work for women, but for many black men, it might, and it saves you over $300 a year. 

Think about it! 

I had a nose ring and two ear rings, all of which I removed. I realize that although these accessories make me unique they also reduce my chances of getting a professional job. 

Many black men also rock diamond studs in their ears, which is popularized by hip-hop culture. 

The corporate world, unfortunately, still harbors many antiquated and racist views.

Black men, if you want a well-paying job consider removing the jewelry. Unless, you are self-made like Rick Ross, Diddy, Young Jeezy and other successful entrepreneurs. Also, easy on the tattoos and the placement of these tattoos.

As Napoleon Hill states, "a dream is a goal with a deadline." If you want to make it in the corporate world you have to think about who runs the corporate world. 

The white men in the corporate world have defined what is "professional" unfortunately.

I promote black entrepreneurship. However, not all businesses succeed, so just go with the flow and save as much as you can so that you can build your own company.

Black power!

Many college students live beyond their means in order to keep up with the Joneses.

A college degree does not make you smarter, it makes you more educated.

Often we falsely assume that we will not be liked if we do not wear clothes with labels, go to tropical destinations for spring break, and spend hundreds of dollars partying.

If you want to find yourself, think for yourself.

You need not follow everyone else and certain societal messages in order to achieve happiness.

"Retail therapy" only leaves you worse off. Traveling is unessential. Do not eat out all the time, even if you come from an aristocratic family. Learn to cook.

Slow and steady wins the race. You may not be wealthy today, but if you make wise life decisions and plan for the future, you will be wealthy.

We borrow money and wind up hurting ourselves in the long haul. 
Loans for a college education may not be a smart move. 

Apply for grants, scholarships, or work your way through college. Further, college does not guarantee monetary success. Education provides enrichment and higher education is good for society, but college is not for everyone.

Buy cheap underwear. Buy inexpensive shoes. Keep your old cell phones, smart phones are luxuries.

Go to thrift stores. Buy used cars.  

Stop buying pricey accessories, manicures, massages, pedicures, hair extensions, haircuts, fine dining, and travel. 

Learn to live without these things for a long time. Learn to do these things yourself. I do my own everything.

These luxuries do not make us more whole, especially if these things require months of repayment and sacrifice.

Always sell your books, even collectibles.

As a matter of fact, do not even buy books for class or for leisure reading...unless it is absolutely crucial, if you can borrow them from the library...manage your time and go to the library. Most libraries give you three weeks to read these books. Also, make use of the internet, there are plenty of books that are available free online.

Put your thinking cap on, we just came out of a serious depression.

Keep old shoes and clothes for as long as possible. For instance, I have maintained shoes and clothing since middle and high school. As a birthday present, I bought two new pairs of shoes and I used a coupon for the purchase. In fact, just the other day I sold a pair of those shoes on Craigslist because I realized I did not need them.

A man is not what he wears, but what he knows.

Books and DVDs are becoming obsolete, go to the public library to rent these items.

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down."

Needless to say, I have no qualms about riding the bus and being frugal in order to achieve realistic goals of financial stability. 

One day, I'll be blowin' money fast, but for now...I'll go slow...really slow.

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