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I woke up this morning and read a book entitled 365 Ways to Live Cheap.

The book had a lot of excellent tips.

A few good tips for saving money on books is to use your public library system and selling your used books on Amazon and eBay, paperbackswap.com, buying only from a used bookstore, such as Caliban, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Townsend locally, or browsing Craigslist for yard/garage sales and free stuff.

Another useful suggestion was going to a used DVD/CD store. In Pittsburgh, there is a place called The Exchange, which sells used DVDs, CDs, and video games. I recently sold 4 DVDs and pocketed $3.50. Sites such as swapacd.com and swapadvd.com also come in handy. The book suggested limiting TV intake, which I totally agree with. Most people just illegally download movies from BitTorrent these days.

Shop around for a Checking and Savings account with high interest rates. Never incur ATM fees, use your debit card at grocery stores and ask for cash back instead. If your bank refuses to waive any fees you incur as a customer, you should consider switching banks.Remember, having you as a customer is not a right, but a privilege. Most customer service associates are willing to work with you over the phone, or if you are well-dressed and level-headed, in person at the bank. If you encounter any refusal always ask for the supervisor.
Bankrate.com is a terrific resource as well as INGDirect.com. Regarding ING, the benefits of not having brick-and-mortar locations are ideal for anyone looking to engage in savings and online banking.

If you have a lot of clothes or miscellaneous items that you're not wearing, box them up and write a "Sell By" date on the box. This will help you determine a good date for departing from your clutter. Also, shop at thrift stores and consignment shops, especially Goodwill. There are a lot of nice clothes, accessories, and shoes at second-hand clothing stores.

Reading, drawing, painting, singing, and individual as well as team sports can all be inexpensive and healthy ways to spend your time. Other ideas include, learning a new card game, language, taking long nature walks, exploring the countryside or city landscape. As well as active engagement in politics, events, and organizations, hiking, camping, biking, building relationships with your friends, loved ones, and neighbors.

Grocery Stores
If you must shop for groceries make sure to write a list and go to groupon.com or coupons.com for savings. Sign up for rewards and emails to find out about deals.

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