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Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: Constructing the Successful Future

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I do not watch TV. I work two jobs in addition to my internship at a financial institution. I hate that I have less time to read and write because prior to becoming an intern, I realized that most people in this country do not have time to do the things that they actually want or love.

The majority of people get so caught up in a routine that they actually have little time to think. Action-oriented people may be the most successful, but the end result of their actions is decreased thinking time.

It makes sense to become action-oriented, but I dread making fatal errors again. One incident in the recent past reminded me that I need to sleep on certain decisions. It's too easy for Type-A personalities to get in trouble through disparaging text messages, e-mails, and other behaviors that have long-lasting repercussions.

Instead of being action-oriented, I want to be future-oriented. I want to stick to a plan every day. I want to make the best use of my time on this Earth.

The accident in December taught me a great deal about taking my time and enjoying life. It taught me to use logic and not act on impulse. It also taught me that life is not about winning all the time, it's about just living and doing the things that inspire you.

Most of the problems that we face are not actual problems, it's all relative.

Now, I have a to-do list that spans from now until Dec. 1st. My plan for September is to get the hell out of this city and fly to the West Coast for a year long internship. It's going to require a bit of hard work on my part.
I am no stranger to hard work and will do everything possible to purchase my ticket to the Bay Area.

I spoke with a prominent faculty member last week and he said that I actually have a shot at law school. Granted, law may not pay as well as it used to, but it's still a lucrative field if one plays their cards right.

The last time I used a to-do list was in high school. In college, I stopped using to-do lists and got sidetracked as a result.

Now, I have to learn how to be pro-active and future-oriented. Ryan Blair's book "Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain" really inspired me to become better. Blair endured poverty and had a very similar experience to my own.

Of course, I had to have amazing grades to get to Carnegie Mellon, but once I got here, I realized that the preparation that I had was very different than others who came from more privileged backgrounds. That didn't stop me from attaining excellence.

I have the potential to become wildly successful. I think that the self-belief is something that others have but rarely realize at such a young age. I have a drive to become extraordinary and to leave a legacy in the next decade.

If I am not a business owner and investor by this time next year then I will consider myself a slacker.

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