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When people talk about getting a job, the masses rejoice about having money. A job is actually one of the worst ways to make money because it's risky to work for someone else.

Job security is an illusion because companies lay off their star performers all the time without any sort of compensation or severance package.

Earned income is not the same as wealth. Many people make upwards of six-figures annually, but they are not wealthy because wealthy people create systems that increase their wealth and not their earned income.

Earned income is not the same as wealth because one has to spend a great deal of time working in order to attain that hefty paycheck from a corporation.

Being rich and being wealthy are two very disparate concepts that the average person simply does not understand. Wealthy people usually have more than a year's worth of living expenses to cover their behinds if they lose their jobs.

Old money purchases luxuries after spending a great deal of time developing the cash to pay for these items. New money always has luxuries because they are undisciplined and purchase these luxuries using other people's money.

Wealthy people rarely finance their endeavors using debt. Rich people use home equity lines of credit, unsecured credit cards and earned income. Wealthy people use the net worth that they have accrued from many years of discipline and due diligence.

Furthermore, networking, particularly the kind of networking that is lauded upon consumers as a way to get ahead in the world of business is not as common among the elite as it is among the masses of upwardly mobile people in this country.

Another distinguishing feature between the wealthy and the rich are the taxes that these people pay. Wealthy people actually do not pay their share of taxes because most of these people hire accountants that manipulate their records to their advantage.

Further, these people are often in professions that generate tremendous amounts of revenue without the traditional structure of a company or large organization. For instance, in order to provide incentives to budding entrepreneurs the government offers tax breaks to people that have made small businesses. These entrepreneurs and investors, particularly those that own properties are legally paying less than those that spend the majority of their life increasing their working income.

The solution to breaking out of a 9AM to 5PM routine is simple, but most people make things more complex than they have to be.

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