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Saturdays are for Spoiled

This morning I got up really early and attempted to clean my living quarters. I must have failed miserably because this room is still very messy; however, after this blog post, I'm going to get serious about the cleanliness of my room and do my best to organize my life.

I woke up really early because I had to withdraw the money that I put in my account yesterday. The sad thing about being an adult is seeing your money go towards things like taxes, rent, and other expenses.

After going to the bank, there was another item on my agenda for the day, mainly waiting to see why I got declined for a personal loan. I waited for over an hour, but the banker was with a customer or two and therefore I just left and asked the security guard on my way out what time the bank closed on Saturday and he said, "We close at 3PM."

After eating brunch, I waited for the bus and asked the guy at the stop if he knew what time PNC Bank up on Fifth Avenue closed. The guy lifted his head from the book he was reading, slowly pausing his usual bus stop routine to answer. In a soft-spoken tone he replied, "I don't know."

Then, I proceeded to ask him another question, but the guy interrupted, "I know the one in Squirrel Hill doesn't close until 4PM." And I thanked the man for the responses, which determined which side of the street I would get on.

After a moment of contemplation, I crossed the street and within minutes, I got on the 71D. I went up Fifth until around Atwood St. When I got off, I was tempted to eat fast food, but I resisted because I had some food that I was toting around in my duffel bag. It was rather chilly while I waited for the bus.
The bus came maybe twenty minutes after waiting. I caught the 71C. I got off before the Giant Eagle stop on Negley because I wanted to get the "royal" treatment. I hadn't received a manicure or a pedicure in ages and since I'm very hopeful that I will be successful, I decided to just do it, just treat myself to some amenities. I thoroughly enjoyed the warm water that my feet lived in for all of twenty minutes. While my feet were not in bad shape before the spa pedicure, it only helped me feel a little bitter in the middle of a cold winter's day in Pittsburgh.

After the spa pedicure, I walked over to the spot where the stylists do manicures. The manicure section is actually where I got the clear polish on my feet. It's not optional to get the clear polish and they charge extra. It's a shame that not everything's included and that they don't list the prices upfront. Perhaps I should not have done something spontaneous, I thought while I swiped my card. At the end of the treatment, I was excited because I felt refreshed. After waiting an additional five minutes, the correct bus came and I got off within minutes to go get a quote from the teller and ask what steps I'd have to take to get that personal loan.
The teller explained why I was denied the funds in the first place and I understand that my credit utilization ratio is too high. The bank wants to know that my personal expenses are low enough to acquire debt and pay it off in a reasonable time frame. Banks used to be more lackadaisical about lending, but after the crisis, the rules have changed quite a bit. I thanked the teller and proceeded to catch the last bus home.

Basically, if you actually need a loan, you more than likely will not qualify, especially for the low interest rates that most banks have. If you have money, you can do pretty much anything you want. Not having money is  huge hindrance, but it can be overcome with unwavering fortitude.

These are the highlights of my Saturday.


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