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Supporting Small Businesses

Plenty of people look at a public company, non-profit, or private company and forget that it started as a small business.

No one started large. Therefore, when others undermine my starting points, it's actually offensive. Large companies by and large do not hire the majority of employed people.

The United States has thrived due to the emergence of small companies. Nevertheless, in this day and age, people laugh at the efforts that many immigrants and people of color make in order to provide for their families without clocking in and out of a large organization.

In the past, when I worked for other people and started divulging details about my personal life, many would look at me as though I was not stable and totally negate my attempts at financial freedom.

With time, I began to understand that when people cannot do something themselves, they question anyone else that tries or continually gets back up after every failure. Whether we declare bankruptcy, start and fail at business, or struggle academically as well as personally and professionally, there will always be those that undermine our desire to self-improve despite every reason to stay down.

When I speak of entrepreneurship, people reinforce the lack of experience I possess, mention my skin color, or ethnic background and perceive me to be living a fantasy. If every entrepreneur listened to the constant feedback, then they would not be successful today.

Now, I am stating very fiercely that people can either stand by me or get out of my way. However, they have very little right to nit-pick and tell me that I will never be successful at something, especially when they have not been doing anything constructive to ensure their own financial freedom.

When it comes to art, it is not always about a return on investment. The same rules apply to anything that anyone does in life. The return pales in comparison to the journey. The pursuit of happiness seems more rewarding than the attainment of that happiness. People can laugh all they want, but that will not stop me from doing whatever it takes to make my income streams profitable as well as fulfilling. I could easily get a desk job and work behind someone else's computer, borrowing precious time from someone else, and valuable resources.

Or, I can take risks and see what happens when those risks materialize into something more desirable. The thing about goals are they are not about the world, all goals are personal. Those that do not understand these personal goals will never understand them. These are the same people that will never be wildly successful. Doubters cannot continue to extinguish my vision. When it comes to lifestyle design, of course, there are areas where I can improve; however, everyone is a work in progress. The work should not cease because it is incomplete.

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