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No More Alcohol

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During the NFL playoffs on Sunday where the Steelers entered the Super Bowl, I made a conscious decision to take my final sip of alcohol.

Alcoholism exists on both sides of my family tree, but my parents never drank and taught us not to drink or smoke; however, I thought I was smarter than they were and defied their upbringing.

Defiance only cost me time and money that I will never retrieve.

I am not converting to Islam, but I am removing the toxic substance from my life.

I will never drink again. Furthermore, I am threw with clubbing. I have not stepped foot inside a liquor store since May and have not bought alcohol since before New Year's Eve 2011.

I want to have a good life without my friend Captain Morgan, or my other friend Brandy, or my bud Beer.

I want to sip water instead of champagne. I want to be eighteen again.

Life was much simpler and yet more enjoyable.

I am either my best friend or my worst enemy. Today and forevermore, I want to be my best friend.

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