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Pittsburgh Ballet

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I have started forcing myself to get out more and do more things off the beaten path.

There's much more to the Steel City than meets the eye and considering I'll be here for at least another year in order to fulfill my obligation as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters I'm glad I went to the cultural district.

The performance this evening was very cool. The dancers were incredibly well-trained in their craft, unbelievably graceful, sinewy and sculpted to kinesthetic perfection.

Most of these dancers never lift weights.

The show was phenomenal. Besides a few minor glitches, the dancers conveyed strong political, scientific, and progressive themes and created an outstanding story on stage.

Further, the cellist and violinist and their exuberant virtuosity wowed the entire hall. The architectural design and decor of Byham theater is quite impressive; although it pales in comparison to Heinz Hall---home of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra--- yet it is aesthetically pleasing in its own right. I especially like the paintings of the cherubims on the ceiling.

It takes a great deal of courage to perform in front of an audience.

The poetry in motion that these performers exude makes one admire the intense deliberate practice that goes into every performance.

The ballet exemplifies multiple intelligences. Dance is both sport and art, one that too few black men comfortably and openly enjoy due to society's limiting stereotypes about our inherent hedonism and vulgarity.

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