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Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Drive

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Once upon a time, Yo-Yo worked at Old Navy as a sales associate. The work was so incredibly menial and mentally degrading.

The job did equip me with useful "people" skills.

Besides working long stressful hours, performing rudimentary tasks, and "looking busy" that summer was a test of will.

After the school year, I was devastated by the loss of a very close friend and a little fat from the crummy meal plan.

As a way of coping with my friend's passing, I began writing and running daily. At first, I could barely run a half mile, but by summer's end I was running 10 miles every evening.

Then, I started writing poetry, interpreting my dreams, reading Bertrand Russell, Alexis de Tocqueville, and other philosophers.

The writing rarely, if ever, made sense, it was largely stream of consciousness; however, I kept writing just to pass the time. Three years later, I'm still writing what is now The Unwashed Masses.

Writing is a nice walk down memory lane.

Besides writing I'm trying to impact change in some small way. Through mentoring a little boy, who is quite the handful.

The unpaid internship with Big Brothers Big Sisters inspires me to seek creative ways to interact with kids. It requires me to develop an even thicker skin than I had previously. Children can be the biggest bullies. They just keep it real all the time.

My little says, "You're smart, but you're boring." Every time I don't want to do something for him he says, "Stop being so lazy."

The internship pushes me to be more social and take on more leadership positions.

Writing is the only thing that makes me happy even after all the trials and tribulations I've been through.

Yo-Yo worked at Old Navy as a sales associate.

Yo-Yo had dreams beyond the cash register.

The work was menial and mentally degrading.

The job equipped Yo-Yo with useful "people" skills.

The day job made me a writer.

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