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Last year, I downloaded software for typing and discovered that I was terrible at typing. Besides blogging, I realized that I liked to read and write, none of which are very marketable skills in our increasingly tech-based economy.

Fortunately, I kept practicing and went from typing 22 words per minute to 70 in about 9 months. My goal is to be able to type 120 words per minute by the end of the year.

I'm also learning a number of useful skills, such as HTML and various computer programming languages. I'm downloading software to produce my own music as a hobby. All of these life changes were inspired by positive people who are motivated to not only succeed, but also engage in life-long learning.

As previously stated, networking is a very small part of success. We should all strive to equip ourselves with skills that will provide employment in these precarious times.

We must be intrinsically motivated. We must be patient in our quest for excellence.

It is very important to have multiple income sources because job security is a thing of the past and our "majors" don't have to dictate our output in this economy.

I hope to become a sort of technological Renaissance man in the very near future. Mastery will occur eventually with enough fortitude, deliberate practice, intense focus, and realistic goal-setting.

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