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I'm working on playing catch up.

Last time I shared my expenses for the month of March.

In April, I started working as an independent sales agent for a fortune 500 company, but I already quit the job.

We often complain about being stuck in a rut, caught up in a useless routine of working jobs we hate and not actually living our lives.

We must admit that we make these decisions to work jobs we don't find fulfilling. Show me the person holding the gun to your head.

Fortunately, I always have a back-up plan and when I don't I learn to make one fast.
One of my plans is to travel to Europe this summer. I'll admit that I was terrible with money in the past. I partied hard and didn't save a dime. Now, I'm an investor, a mentor, and a student of not just Public Policy and Management, but also delayed gratification. Some young people think it's okay to spend like mad.

Well, job security is a thing of the past. Building a strong savings is crucial to financial success.

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