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Since, I used to be quite the party boy. And, I'm a fashion model. I know quite a few people that do cocaine.

It seems to be all the rage amongst the international community at Carnegie Mellon.

I've never tried it. But, many of my friends are addicted. I was addicted to alcohol. It was pretty intense.

I couldn't have a great night out on the town without drinking. However, I'm past that point in my life.

I thank God for teaching me humility.

It's quite sad, to see people I once admired snorting their brains out and falling apart mentally.

Cocaine is definitely an ego drug. You snort it enough and you're hooked into thinking that you can do no wrong. That the rules don't apply to your life. That you're above it all.

Too bad, most of these poor souls will be in rehab, or suffer a completely avoidable life circumstance.

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