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My Weekend in New York and Princeton

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It's Sunday November 28, 2011 and my weekend is almost over. This was the weekend after Thanksgiving. I was supposed to go to New York on Friday, but I came here yesterday (Saturday).

I met with my old friend Jorge. It was very nice. Jorge offered to pay for my meal, but I have too much pride stupidity for that. So I paid for my own meal. But, I did tell him about quitting the anti-depressants. I just decided to enjoy my life.

The more I meet old friends and talk to people from back home and try my best at the things that I sort of neglected while on the meds...the better I feel. The mental health industry is totally useless.

All people need is love to get by.

I wasn't supposed to go with my suitcase. But, I got locked out because my ex-roommate who is now a banker on Wall Street overslept. It's fine though. I just decided to go to Princeton and chilled with Jorge. We talked about how screwed up these disorders were and the DSM-V is complete bullshit.

I'm just not going to go to therapy anymore. It's a complete waste of time. The only advice I need is mathematics help.

Anyway, after getting back to downtown Manhattan, I decided to just crash. I woke up after noon on Sunday, but managed to go to Harlem. Harlem's pretty dodgy, but it has many perks. Besides, Haris's apartment is near Columbia. For example, the history in the borough is very cool. I saw some statues went to an African store, bought some art, went to an Afro-Caribbean vegan restaurant and bought some Timberland boots. It's the most black I've ever felt.

We talked about girls, public education, schooling and many other controversial topics like law school. We had great discussions.

We definitely came from nothing and I'm the laziest one. It's crazy. There's nothing wrong with not having a job in October, although it's getting to be a little late in the game.

I loved the jazz show though. It was really neat. I think it was the best show I've ever attended and it was nice to share that moment with Haris. He knows way more about music than I do, that's for sure.

This is totally something I need to do once a month. Traveling is awesome.

I'm a bit concerned...about this job search.

Anyway, the name of the game from here on out is effort. Competition is super important. My friends and I have to be successful. Carnegie Mellon is too good a school to not be somewhat successful.

I got a lot of advice from people while on vacation. Apply for jobs. It's all a numbers game. If I put more effort into it, eventually I'll get a job.

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