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The Jazz Show

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The show started around 8:30 PM and cost a little bit...it was worth even more than the price of entry.

Prior to the show and during intermission I was able to walk and talk with one of my friends Haris. It's something I really value. People in New York can sometimes lose the art of conversation. It's definitely a lost art. But, it's the only way to gain a new perspective. That and reading many non-fiction books and trying to read entire periodicals and the New Yorker.

Anyway, I attended this perfomance at the Cornella Street Cafe. 29 Cornella St. New York, NY 10014.
The Scott DuBois Quartet was on a whole 'nother level. I was impressed the entire time.

The way those white boys played those instruments made a brother want to learn how to play the tenor and soprano saxophones, guitar, drums, or upright bass. I'm still amazed at the entire set.

The stage presence, ambiance, and general sound of the group made me wish that I could hire these guys on a regular basis. I am so grateful to have seen this show.

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