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I stopped taking anti-depressants because there's an increased risk of suicide.

The whole mental health industry is a bit of a sham. Why do I write this?

Apparently people experiencing depression have a chemical imbalance. However, when I was first prescribed medication, I was unaware of the chemical test that the psychiatrist or counselor performed. As yet, I have not been surveyed thoroughly and thus medication seems an ill fit.

I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to medication in general and when this medication can actually cause me to harm myself, I have to make the decision to just say no.

Talk about drug policy, this whole industry over-prescribes and over-diagnoses people and leaves them in a worse position than they were initially. The only medication I need is a positive support network. I've already found that in the people I interact with once a week at Mount Ararat Baptist Church. I also found that in my friends who knew me prior to this mis-diagnosis.

A question that sometimes drives me hazy, am I or are others crazy?
-Albert Einstein

We cannot be quick to dismiss people because we do not understand why they do certain things. No one is completely rational. Sometimes people just need to talk about what is bothering them and oftentimes, these same people could use a vacation, a way out of their current environment.

People may think it's weird that I write so openly about these things, but writing is the only form of therapy that actually works. My counselor is a businesswoman and my psychiatrist is a businessman. They really cannot help me solve my problems and they have a vested interest in keeping me drugged up.

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