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We've all heard the craziest ones about us and our friends. Some are so far off that we can't even understand who would take the time to sit there and just gossip.

In the South it seems that talking about people's problems is the only past-time besides football and other sports that people follow so religiously.

Oh yes, and I've experienced my fair share of it coming from the home of a prominent Baptist family. It's whatever though.

If I got upset about every little thing that people said about me, I'd obviously not made it this far in my academic career and life. For whatever reason, the closer you are to success, the more people want to play with your time.

"Nobody wants a nigga have his shit." -Nas

Everyone wants to be a nigger, but no one wants to actually be a nigger. The more I attend this private school the more I realize that segregation is alive and well even in this setting. People for the most part choose to stick to their familiar group, those that resemble them and those who speak their same language.

However, I was always the one without a set group in high school and that never changed in college. Unfortunately, people will treat you poorly when you're the oddball, the one that doesn't belong.

It's harder for them to understand, perhaps, why you wouldn't gravitate towards your own. So, I'm sure that many of the black people here are bothered by the fact that I have little, if any, interest in joining their organizations.

It's whatever though. You can't please people, you have to live for yourself and your interests above all else and guard your time because that's the resource that is most finite.

Writing is, of course, the only thing that gets me in a spiritual mood besides church.

It's my favorite past-time and...boy, do I have some stuff to write.

I've always been a loner, for better or worse.

I like to reflect upon things that people think are kind of pointless to think about.

My lack of socializing leaves me prey to more and more gossip, but it's nothing that I cannot handle. Hell, I've lasted this long already.

The name of the game from here on out is focusing on the long haul and not the petty distractions that serve to keep me away from my individual, albeit, narrow definition of success.

"Rumor causes nations to get ready for war when no war is coming, and it makes people think that all is peaceful despite real danger and conspiracy. Since crowds are always quick to believe rumors and gossip, it never has any trouble doing its job."

Well, that's all he wrote for one evening. It's time to get some homework done.

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