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Trust Issues

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My parents always warned me about friends. Of course, the longer I live the less I trust people.

For whatever reason, we'll do whatever to make sure that our competitors stay down. There's something sort of intimidating about going to a school like this one, people are different.

It's not just that these people are competitive, it's the nature of the competition that makes it all so shady.

I hate to be 'hood, but sometimes I just want to roll all by myself, you can never be too certain that people aren't out to get to you.

That's also why I choose not to drink or do anything "unprofessional" any more, you never know who is out to make you look incompetent and "wild."

I already have six marks against me because of my skin color. Race plays a prevalent role in our society and unfortunately, the people who get the fewest job prospects are blacks.

I'm not a minority, but I'm definitely tired of being labelled an inferior being because of the fact that I look a certain way.

That's all he wrote.

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