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The Accident: A Letter to My Four Siblings

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Monday night, after taking one of my finals, I got into an accident.

I was riding my bike, a re-furbished bike from Free Ride Pittsburgh. The story about this bike is I had saved for months to actually afford this bicycle. It cost me a total of $114, and with the chain and lock it cost an extra $33.

And the minute I got it, I realized that the bike may not have been fully equipped with the proper gadgets. I went to a second place for an opinion. The person said, "if volunteers put this stuff together, they're more likely to make certain mistakes."

I didn't trust him though because I knew he was also a business owner trying to sell me something. Well, it turns out that he was being genuinely helpful.

But, it's all good.

Anyway, on Monday night, I must have been going over 30mph or more down a hill that I had to cross to get home, for those of you who still haven't visited Pittsburgh, it's a very hilly place. I was about to cross a place where cars come through also known as an intersection when I thought to myself, "Maybe, I should try to slow down."

I pressed both sides of the bike's brakes. I later found out from my friends who are avid bikers that I should have slowly pressed the back brake (the right side) instead of trying to brake the front and back wheel.

Anyway, I wasn't wearing a helmet and luckily I didn't land on my head, but I flipped over and crashed, I landed mostly on my mouth. The worst part about it all is that I slid down the hill further and the teeth went through my upper lip, there's also a pretty bad scar and road rash on my forehead, but the doctors think that after about a month or two, I should be fine (granted, that my scars heal).

I immediately went to a restroom, even though I was in shock and checked myself in the mirror. I had a feeling the damage was bad, but I was absolutely horrified at the reflection in the mirror. I was bleeding everywhere from my head down to my chin. My face was unrecognizable. The glasses that I was wearing broke in half, the watch on my wrist broke, most of my belongings including my backpack and other accessories were lodged in the accident. Thank God, I wasn't blinded, brain-damaged, or paralyzed, all of these things were possibilities.

Nevertheless, I called the ambulance because I doubted that anyone would want me to bleed in their vehicle, besides it was the start of finals week, everyone was busy.

After that whole ordeal, I had to get stitches, I went in to the ER around 8:45 and left at 4AM. One of the employees from the school, whom I had worked with over the summer accompanied me and watched as they checked for broken bones, performed X-rays, put morphine in the IV, and took a CT scan to make sure that I didn't incur any brain damage.

Luckily, the damage was way better than it could have been, but it was still bad, the four front teeth were all gone, and I kept bleeding and the teeth were falling out but they injected syringes filled with numbing medication into my gums and lips. Gave me two sets of stitches and tried to force my teeth back in place. It was the most painful hospital visit yet, but I'm grateful to be alive.

When I tried to brake. I pressed both brakes. Instead of slowly stopping, I could play the what if game all day, but accidents happen all the day. People die from being hit by cars, from breaking their necks on bikes, helmet or not, I'm thankful that I can still type and will make a speedy recovery. For now, I can't talk too long, it still hurts to move my lips, I can't smile, I can't sing. I bought a new pair of glasses yesterday, so I can see.

Please pray for me, I have a meeting with my dentist here after my final tomorrow. He will give me the prognosis on what work needs to be done. I hope Mom and Dad have good dental coverage.

I do want to work as a model. I got an offer here and I'm mighty encouraged.

I also have a friend who works at IBM as a marketing manager in New York City and he was so touched by my visit over Thanksgiving that I'm pretty much a shoe-in for a job with the company.

I'll definitely be working as a model and with enough hard work for the famed IBM corporation in the near future and living in one of the boroughs in New York.

Now, I just have to do well in my exams and graduate.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me,
I once was lost, but now I'm found, was blind but now I see.

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