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You Are Not So Smart youarenotsosmart.com is one of the most entertaining blogs I've read lately.

Further, the blog 20somethingfinance  is a very good one.

Seth Godin sethgodin.typepad.com is also a nice marketer. One of my friends recommended his stuff.

Ramit Sethi is another of these personal finance people, but he claims to be different. http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/

There are so many people trying to sell a lifestyle online. We all have to be skeptical before giving into these marketers.
However, I've found that taking all these guys with a grain of salt is the best way to learn about life.

If you want to be the master, you must first be willing to be the fool.

Life is all about taking risks, asking questions, and being bold.

There's nothing to lose, except money and time, and so much more to gain when you don't count every penny.

We're all going to die eventually.

We might as well try to create something memorable before we leave this Earth.

Sometimes we become conditioned to settle. We become accustomed to accepting our fate without a fight.

We prevent ourselves from becoming the best that we know we can be.

Other peoples' expectations are unrealistic and disappointment is only inevitable. People sometimes wonder what my motive is for writing, am I trying to get published?

Sure, it'd be nice.

Am I going insane?

No, I'm just learning to ignore the voices that say I'm just wasting my time.

Anyone who actually accomplished something worthwhile was perceived as bizarre by the majority of their peers. It takes a great deal of ego to actually think that you can change the world. It also takes courage to achieve something in this world.

We all have the same time on this planet.

We decide how we are remembered.

And, I want to be remembered as a trail-blazer, risk-taker, and uncommon intellectual.

Above all else, I want to use the wealth that I accumulate to create a world worth living in, this may sound cliche, but this is something that many people say they want, but rarely work to master.

If you want to be the master, you must first be willing to be the fool.

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