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Broke in the Sunshine State

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I went home to Florida recently and my parents are telling me that I need to get my life in order. I got into an accident.

Perhaps, I should get my life together.

Although, what's more embarrassing is that I have never been this irresponsible and free-spirited in my entire life.

And, never will be again.

It'd be nice to be an actor as opposed to becoming a lawyer, although, patent law is a very lucrative gig.

The job-hunting process, even for minimum wage jobs is increasingly difficult.

Naples, Florida

I got an offer with a company.

In order to succeed even at a basic level, you have to have a positive attitude.

In some industries, attitude is completely irrelevant, but in corporate America, the people who get promoted are delusional and optimistic.

Even in my precarious financial state, I choose to remain positive and optimistic.

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