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Why Good Girls Want Bad Boys

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Misconception: As a model, I have a non-stop dating life.

Truth: I've been single for quite a while now. I'm very selective. I'm a one-woman man.One of my good friends said, "You must good with the ladies."

Believe it or not, I have just as much difficulty as the next person.

As a self-proclaimed "bad boy" I realize that most women only want to have short-term flings with guys like me.

Women worry that bad boys won't be faithful, which is all based on stereotype.

Women need men who are hard-working, financially stable, protective, moral, socially successful, and humorous. Security is ideal.

And, sometimes, women just want a bad boy. No security can also be ideal (in the short-term).

Our patriarchal society teaches us that it's acceptable for men to desire women exclusively for looks, but when it comes to selecting men, women are ashamed to admit that looks are just as important.

A good-looking child has a better chance of survival than an ugly one and fewer chances of birth defects and mutations.

We also have historically discouraged women from being promiscuous and thinking for themselves. Women are just as sexual as men.

Misconception: All women care about is money.

Truth: Women are encouraged to value monetary power over looks because we live in a status-driven society and more money increases the long-term success of their potential offspring.

We all care about money, some more than others.

We all can be wealthy too, some more than others.

But, we can't all be beautiful. The face is the most important feature in determining the beauty of any individual because it's so easy to mess up.

Symmetry is a requirement for beauty. The face is an extremely costly signal.

However, women and men are not rational, we're impulsive, conniving, and even violent.

We have fought wars over money, power, and women.

Bad boys tend to be more successful with women despite the fact that most of them are not billionaires because they exude confidence.

You don't need money to project confidence. It only helps.

Bad boys have magnetism, something that attracts men and women to them.

Bad boys are spendthrifts, wild, and edgy.

Good boys are misers, tame, and predictable.

And as we age, we tend to prefer predictability over excitement.

Women change their preferences earlier because their clocks tick much faster. A woman's potential to give life successfully diminishes with age.

Men, are fairly consistent.

If you're struggling with the fact that you're single, change your spending habits, take more risks, and fail just for the hell of it.

"Everything we want is on the other side of fear."
-Dr. Farrah Gray
Failure is the easiest way to regain confidence, without failing, you haven't lived.

Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

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