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Poor People

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Poor people are poor because whatever money they have they lose quickly.

Poor people are not poor because they don't have money.

Poor people mismanage their money well.

Rich people manage their money well.

Perhaps poor people don't know how to manage money well because the way that they were raised is more collectivist.

Haitian culture is very collectivist.

My parents raised me to share everything that I had with my siblings.

Until, I started questioning everything.

Questioning everything is awesome.

More people ought to question what's going on and why this is going on in our culture.

Of course, action is better than thinking, but unenlightened action is just as futile as inaction.

The reason most poor people stay poor is because they are terrible with handling money. Even though we pit the blame on those who are unfortunate. The U.S. government is really to blame.

The average person will easily be swayed by these poverty traps and informal debt collectors. When I went to the studio, the photographer was talking so much about extraneous things that were inconsequential to the shoot.

At first, I took this to mean that he was friendly, but I later learned that my guard was down and he was ready to pounce on yet another unsuspecting victim, trying to maximize his returns on Penn Ave, near Garfield, which is a very poor area in Pittsburgh. Be careful whenever someone talks fast. Most of what someone is saying is for their financial benefit and not yours.

Photographers add no real value to the economy and often set up shop in poorer neighborhoods promising the world and delivering a mediocre product.

The same is true for modeling agencies and even places like Plasma Centers. None of these institutions are near libraries or more "upscale" parts of town.

Pawn shops, check cashing, credit cards, and other forms of enslavement. These are in essence poverty traps made to enslave the people who are desperately seeking money.
Short term gains lead to long-term consequences.

But, I digress, collectivist cultures evolved because the family was the most important unit for survival.

If someone was not doing well financially, they could always rely on their family for support.

Or, if someone was unable to have shelter and other necessities, the family would always come through for that person.

However, capitalism is predicated on competition and not sharing.
Sharing in capitalism occurs, but usually philanthropy happens after someone has made it big.

Those who spend time giving their wealth to the poor are more inclined to get left behind and in a capitalist society time is money or work, which also translates to money.

This is a very terrible concept because capitalism actually promotes isolation and rugged individualism.

Capitalism is definitely reforming.

Capitalism is becoming less deterministic and more Keynesian.

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