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The plasma center in Pittsburgh has to be one of the more depressing places.

It's depressing because so many of the people there are African American. African American people in this country are disproportionately poor and have been discriminated against for centuries.

As Paul Mooney notes: When it comes to race in American nothing's changed, but the weather.

The plasma center offers people $25 for every donation that they make. These people, mostly of color, are in dire straits financially and they were born this way.

Society has told these people time and again that it's only a matter of willpower to become wealthy. It is my belief that it is not just a matter of will.

Society needs to invest in its people, especially those from impoverished backgrounds. Poverty in America could probably be eradicated if people were instructed at an early age how to manage their finances.

Adding a personal finance class to a high school or middle school curriculum might change the way that people behave.

When it comes to building wealth, information is crucial, but behavior change must occur.

Although we have a black president, we remain one of the most unequal societies in history.

Race is a powerful social construct in the South, where I was raised as a second-class citizen. And, even in poor neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, black people are over-represented.

When one examines the ghetto in any city, one quickly realizes that this is not just. People deserve better in this country.

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