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Education vs. Experience

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In our culture, we value education because it might lead to a good job, or a wonderful life.

Our youth is one of the best times to absorb knowledge and we will have the residual effects of that knowledge for the rest of our life.

Although our society has reached a consensus that college is the most obvious next step after high school. Daniel Karpantschof managed to ignore those unreasonable conventions and opted to start a small consulting company, which continually grew and learned more from these experiences than he might have in a classroom.

School is not a cheap substitute for valuable life experiences. Working, travelling, or learning new skills without a degree may be a better solution than blindly following the crowd.

There's no harm in saying, "I don't know what I want to do in five years." And volunteering with non-profit or humanitarian organizations may be as valuable as a formal education.

However, it goes against what we have been spoon-fed from an early age.

Not going to college is going against the grain. Taking years off after high school to find yourself and learn what you really want from life are not considered respectable options. College seems mandatory.

Everyone who does not go to college is automatically labelled a loser. Is this really a fair portrayal?

People may not actually learn new things in school, especially if the college they attend does not challenge them to actually think.

Despite the hefty price tag for a college degree, people may never learn skills that will help them get ahead. In some cases, people are falling further behind as debt becomes a burgeoning roadblock to financial freedom.

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