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Forced to Adapt

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People who do not go to school are forced to adapt.

Life is very much about survival of the fittest. Debt may work to finance a university education in the short-term, but might it have long-term implications on one's quality of life?

Daniel Karpantschof is very fit mentally. Mr. Karpantschof did not receive a college degree, yet he co-founded several companies, owns stocks in one very successful tech company overseas, sold one of his companies to Microsoft, and managed to land a gig with The Economist.

When we go to college, we are told a narrative of success, we are told that we are the best and the brightest and can do anything that we want after graduation.

If everyone can be rich and successful, then aren't we also becoming more mediocre?

When you do not attend college, you have one of two choices: sink or swim.

College allows you to delay this process and some graduates find themselves worse off than before graduation.

Scott Gerber, Daniel Karpantschof, Kent Healy, Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, Zac Bissonnette, and Seth Godin have all analyzed this trend of the declining value of a formal education.

Never trust financial aid officers, admissions officers, and anyone who has an incentive to take your money and not protect your interests.

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