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Daniel Karpantschof and I joked that as a serial entrepreneur, traditional notions of employment ran a muck in his mind.

The idea that Daniel could succeed without a degree was risky, but he reminded me and so many others that question the value of a degree, whether going into debt to finance an education is equally risky.

Why spend all that money trying to get a job that you may not like?

Our society has a surplus of education and yet we have people who are functionally useless.

People rarely, if ever, just think for themselves. Social pressures are very strong.

Keeping up with what everyone else is doing is something that human beings have done since the dawn of time. Each generation sets the norm for what is acceptable and respectable.

The problem is, so much of our behavior in this day and age are influenced by the previous generation without question.

The narrative of going to school, working for a corporation that takes care of you until retirement is outmoded, outdated, and unrealistic.

The advantages of self-discovery and experimentation are becoming more important than ever before.

Moreover, not going to school forces you to adapt and even plan more than just going to school and studying something that only minimally interests you.

Most in our generation are slowly learning that the internet and the availability of information has made getting a degree less important.

However, many still place an emphasis on following someone else's instructions.

Daniel mentioned that he does not want to think about or plan his life five years from now, he wants to focus on today and tomorrow. The urgency of action has impelled Daniel to take risks, make empowering decisions, and land a well-paying "dream job" all without rich parents or a college degree.

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