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Interview with Daniel Karpantschof

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As an aspiring journalist, I took the time out of my schedule as a model and student of the world to interview someone who inspires me and so many others in our generation.

This took place around 11:30 AM and lasted until 2PM.

When I arrived at The Economist Group, I was pleasantly surprised.

Growing up, I never even knew what The Economist was, I only read The Naples Daily News and sometimes read The New York Times. Before the age of 18, I never had reliable internet at my house.

My perspective was provincial and my knowledge of the political world was based more on C-SPAN's "Morning Edition" than anything substantive.

Even the books that I read were not especially focused. A few years before I graduated high school, I read the Encyclopedia Britannica and learned a great deal of general information about the people that I admired.

Of course, all books, once printed are obsolete. So, prior to about a week ago. I had never heard of Daniel Karpantschof.

In subsequent entries, I'll provide an in-depth interview with Mr. Karpantschof.

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