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We live in an ideas economy. We've always lived in an ideas economy, but the sort of ideas that win are those that spread. Regardless of educational background or income, we have to know how to make do with the talents and skills that we have.

For years, Daniel Karpantschof and his partner failed miserably. In spite of their failures, or perhaps because of them, the pair continued to work on their ideas and acted as contrary to the expectations that society set upon them.

Daniel decided that he was going to be financially successful at a very young age and he ensured that each step brought him closer to his goal.

Success is not easy, it takes a great deal of time to perfect one's skill. And, Daniel and his partner did just that.

The pair had no limitations for what they could accomplish and simply set out to found a company. After relentless dedication, the pair finally achieved their goals.

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