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Daniel Karpantschof: The Making of a Legend

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After meeting Mr. Karpantschof, we sat in a room full of vibrant colors and things like Play-doh. The room was fitting for such a dynamic, original thinker.

In our society, we seem to think that one can only change the world with a college degree. However, Mr. Karpantschof is living proof that college is just one of many ways to become influential.

Mr. Karpantschof explained how he was not born fortunate.

Despite his humble beginnings, Daniel Karpantschof has exceeded most of his critics' expectations and managed to inspire many young, socially-conscious wealth holders.

At the tender age of fourteen, Daniel began his entrepreneurial prowess.

Daniel was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. Daniel worked extremely hard and chose to opt out of college. Although some might claim that not attaining a college degree is the easier route, Mr. Karpantschof insists that this is actually false.

Mr. Karpantschof began working with youth politics and admittedly "paid his dues" working odd jobs as a barista and convenience store clerk in his Scandinavian high school.

However, like most entrepreneurs and game-changers, Daniel felt that his schooling was interfering with his education.

As a result of his views toward education, the serial entrepreneur began thinking outside the proverbial adolescent box and pursued more important interests.

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