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Education System Not Built for Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs poke the box, or just think way outside of it.

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, or to be an "ideal" student.

If taking risks were easier, schools would produce more Mark Zuckerbergs, Bill Gates, Bill Cosbys, Steve Jobs, Mariah Careys, Kanye Wests, and others who were successful without a college degree.

Daniel Karpantschof is a serial entrepreneur, people like things that work, but what they don't like is people that don't conform to their norms. Daniel Karpantschof is an idealist and a non-conformist and thus far has reaped success in spite of these traits.

More school children should be encouraged to do something that requires them to be autonomous, to actually create instead of re-creating ideas, art, and companies.

During the interview, Daniel said something that resonated with many who feel that the school system is leaving creative people behind, "the system was not tailored for people like us." Karpantschof mentioned, "Larry Page [CEO of Google] still fights with his parents about going to med school."

Schools, according to thought leader and renowned author Seth Godin, "retard maturity and discourage curiosity." Godin also states that the riskiest thing an entrepreneur could be is "safe."

Most people are willing to be safe and they have an outdated school system to promote their "boring" agenda.

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