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Daniel Karpantschof is one of those successful people that lived for his own pleasure, a self-aggrandizer, an idealist and a visionary.

Some of us are so afraid of veering off our own pre-determined path that we allow others to determine where we will go in life. Of course, it takes a great deal of effort to undo all our outward programming, but in order to accomplish worthwhile endeavors, it takes clarity and courage.

The accusing voices of cynics, most of whom are closest to us may prevent us from accomplishing our individual goals in favor of a collective well-being.

Despite the social pressure Daniel Karpantschof chose to opt out of college. According to Daniel, opting out is more difficult. Many assume that all drop outs have it easier, but actually trying to be financially independent without a degree is tough and those that do it deserve to be praised. Our values have placed American education on a pedestal, it deserves such a placement, but those who take on tremendous debt to finance an education and wind up defaulting ought to be admonished for their foolishness.

College is not for everyone, especially if the costs (not just financial) outweigh the benefits. If the opportunity cost of attending is greater than the cost of starting your own path, then college is not a good fit for you.

As a fourteen-year-old Daniel Karpantschof was already working towards becoming a CEO. As he grew older, his ambitions did not waiver despite the many setbacks, one of which was leaving his university to fully pursue his dreams.

"If you're in the race to make it cheap, fast and predictable - it's a race to the bottom.One day someone will make it cheaper, faster and more predictable than you."
-Seth Godin

We all lose our charm in the end, so a degree, or many degrees would be a worthwhile investment, even for superstar entertainers, tech entrepreneurs, and serial entrepreneurs.
Fortunately, the education system in the United States will remain the envy of the world for some time. And, it's never too late even after financial achievement to enroll in a degree program, which Mr. Karpantschof encourages.

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