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Delayed Education

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Although it may seem unpopular to use the same principle of deferred or delayed gratification towards something as "sacred" as college, it's time that someone actually propose changing the system through reducing the number of twenty-something students.

Most of these young people made a decision or a few decisions at the age of eighteen that was not supposed to impact the entirety of their lives.

However, these people made decisions that impacted the entirety of their lives. And our country allows these young people to make these decisions every fall and spring of senior year.

I don't know about you, but I wasn't really thinking about retirement at the age of eighteen. I didn't know anything about defaulting, bankruptcy, bad economies, foreclosures, revolving debt, ROI, and other financial terms.

In fact, retiring and all these terms that delineate financial literacy were elusive to this kid from a working class background who was informed in his financial aid package that his expected family contribution was...zero.

I should have read the fine print.

Many in our generation refuse to accept the fact that we are reducing the likelihood of procuring wealth and retiring with dignity in old age.

Government programs such as social security will not exist indefinitely.

Furthermore, pensions, ROTH IRA, Traditional IRAs, and 401K retirement accounts may not be as lucrative an investment as more and more students decrease their net worth in the hope of attaining a slip of paper.

With student loan defaults escalating and the number of students enrolling in college increasing annually, we are faced with a generation of misguided indentured servants.

You may laugh now, but you will cry later.

You're not forced to go into six-figures worth of debt for a law degree, social science degree, fine arts degree, medical degree, or any other degree that is not in engineering, mathematics, or computer science.

The 1% can afford to send their kids to school without the burden of student loan debt, this is how inequality persists and why the haves keep getting more than the have-nots in our society, even when they did not necessarily work hard.

Of course, there's always the military.

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