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The Untold Story of College

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Contrary to popular belief, the concept of going into debt for an education is relatively new and the results are already disastrous.

The economy may be increasing jobs, but the rate of loan defaults is rising. When it comes to student loans, most people bite off more than they can chew and wind up in a heap of economic trouble.

College is supposed to be the time to become an adult, but many in our generation are incapable of growing up quickly enough. As members of the "boomerang" generation, college has become a form of life avoidance.

College is not the only way to find one's self. A smarter proposition and a way to make a statement is to meet people of like interests, practice resourcefulness, and start a business. Occupying wall street is short-sighted because the issues that these groups were protesting remain.

Instead of signing away one's freedom for a piece of paper, one ought to think about not enrolling and working towards financial independence.

In this day and age, it's much easier to start a business. Fast-food restaurants hire people all the time and more importantly these establishments provide free wi-fi.

If those idealists in our generation remain committed, our efforts would be better used not responding to ads on television and countless attempts to make us "look wealthy" like those morons on reality television instead we might actually learn to be wealthy.

In this age, one can become successful and even start a small business without any credentials whatsoever.

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