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Education as Life Avoidance

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Daniel Karpantschof was appointed to the board of education in Denmark by the secretary of education.

Daniel Karpantschof did not go out and get degrees in education, masters in education management, or a PhD or even an Ed.D.

Michael Moore, was appointed to the board of education here in the states without these excessive credentials.

These two examples demonstrate that one need not get into massive amounts of crippling student loan debt in order to begin challenging the way the world works.

For the select few who actually come from working class backgrounds and desire to change the status quo, there's still hope for the future even without a degree.

Having a college degree helps, but is having one and a ton of student loan debt really worth it?

The more debt you have the less freedom you have to actually follow your life's passion.

Plenty of people have opted to "pay the bills" with jobs that are not fulfilling.

Working at a restaurant, in retail, or as a temp is not the most effective way to go about changing the world, but due to our generation's belief in college as a rite of passage, millions of students have gone into debt for a dream that is surely deferred.

If one wants to avoid life, going into debt to do so is pretty stupid, you're better off doing nothing after high school than enrolling in college and majoring in something that will not actually help you "change the world" or even live comfortably.

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