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Becoming an Entrepreneur

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We spend so much of our time working that we forget that there are other ways to make money. Passive streams of income are realistic ways to make money.

People in our society have been so conditioned to go to college...go into debt to become successful and make "connections" in order to achieve financial security. The only people who can change our globe are those with letters behind their names and those politicians who have the ability to influence others.

Networking is not the key to financial security. Networking is a fun past time. But, it doesn't necessarily lead to financial abundance. The first step to financial abundance is doing the hard work, putting in sweat equity and learning something useful. Providing value in some way to others increases your odds of success in business.

College is a scam for the majority of people.

The financial aid department and administration of many colleges do not tell you that your indecisiveness leads to their profit. At the tender age of eighteen, most people are completely unaware of what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

Misconception: If you choose to major in your passion, you will never work a day in your life.

Truth: Sometimes, it is best to major in something practical and procure enough resources through the corporate structure. Once you have the savings, or as Tyler Tervooren would call the "Fuck You" fund available, you can then venture on your own and do what it is that you want to do.

God forbid you decide to change your major or have any socioeconomic or family issues that delay your education. The system is built to make you rely on a college degree to become employable.

Fortunately, non-profit organizations such as YearUp, the Thiel Fellowship and the Young Entrepreneur Council seek to empower life-long learners that are not necessarily sold on the idea of a traditional college education.

Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal has presented awards to students to disengage from college. A number of students have participated in Peter Thiel's programs. These students have "opted out" of college in search of something more fulfilling.

Although Carnegie Mellon University prides itself on its interdisciplinary approach to education, many of the students have complained that the university is engaging in false advertising. The Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences rarely gets the opportunity to do "hands-on" work. The collaboration between the school of humanities and other colleges on campus is almost negligible.

In a "forever" recession such as this, our country needs more entrepreneurs and more start-ups. The public will create its next generation of entrepreneurs through providing very important solutions to everyday problems. One of the largest problems is that of student loan debt, which is approximately $1,000,000,000,000.00 and this number grows continuously.

Debt is not a tool for equality, in fact, financial freedom is the end goal that many people possess. These alternative programs to a formal post-secondary education are considerably less expensive and are not simply short-term solutions.

According to the students who participate in these programs, the lessons are engaging and just as useful as attending a conventional school because these programs combine theory with application.

Misconception: College students are sold a bill of goods regarding the importance of higher education. Parents, culture, and business have made it crucial to attain a certificate, but at what cost? Marketing has led many to believe that without a college degree their chances of success are minuscule.

Truth: Whatever your passion is, just develop it into a competency. Do not settle for becoming an employee for some organization that really does not care about your long-term well-being. Entrepreneurship will save America. Innovation is the key to increased prosperity. Too often students graduate college and choose to work for established corporations and work their way up a corporate ladder. Too often, society applauds these students for taking the common route.

The road less traveled is more challenging. Starting your own firm is more difficult than making someone else wealthy. Instead of striving to become a valuable asset to someone else, why not do the hard work of becoming your own boss?

Misconception: College is a wonderful time to find yourself.

Truth: School may retard maturity and act as a hindrance to developing one's vocation, life-calling, or passion because for too many school is a protracted form of life avoidance.

If one must attend college and get into debt in order to do so, then it's probably wise to view college as a means to an end.

Even when you do not think you can receive additional help from parents or loved ones, apply for as many grants and scholarships as possible because college is not worth the tremendous debt.

Whatever it takes is a flawed strategy, especially if one finds themselves in crippling amounts of student loan debt. Our generation has been suckered into thinking that attending college is the only legitimate path to success.

And, as a fiscal conservative and participant of Occupy Wall Street, it is important that one question whether it is productive to have a nation of people that owe banks money.

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