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People look at me and think that I have had it easy my whole life. Just because I smile a lot and make jokes and try to maintain positive vibes does not mean that I am laid back and easy going about becoming a better writer.

Writing is not for the faint of heart. There are so many people that want to be successful writers, but are not driven to convert a past time into something that makes them a living.

There are plenty of aspiring artists in other professions and most of their work is never going to be read by the masses because after their 9AM to 5PM or their 8AM until 8PM job, the first thing that they do is take the easy route.

The easy route is any route that does not actually challenge the soul. The easy route is going to the bar more than once a week and pissing all your hard-earned money on booze instead of tending to your craft and sharing your talents with the world.

The easy route is doing everything except working on that novel or essay, watching television, hanging out with friends, smoking weed, spending hours upon hours online entertaining one's self with pornography, YouTube videos or anything else that happens to catch one's wandering eye.

Finally, the easy route is choosing to not learn how to be a better person and settling for being only a mediocre individual. Subscribing to the the philosophies of the mainstream without taking the time to think for one's self and challenge the way the world works. The easy route is continually taking people at face value and never taking the time to actually get to know your friends and your enemies. The easy route is judging your neighbor and the person without anything that you have or the person with much more than you have without taking the time to delve deeper and figure out what drives the homeless man, the prostitute, the corporate drone, the CEO, and all the people in between.

The reason that people are "normal" is because these people do not think and the reason that people do not think is because people would rather take the easy route. Time and again, when faced with the opportunity of learning something useful and new and challenging societal norms, the masses simply choose to opt out and take the easy route.

What will you become?

Will you continue to choose the easy way out? Or, will you take the road less traveled?

Will you learn as much as possible and use your limited time wisely?

Will you challenge the way the world works?

You determine how successful you are, no one else.

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