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Most People Don't Think

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In fact, if you’re constantly daydreaming of something else, having a good job can be dangerous. A good job can keep you from a big life.

Most people in our society do not really think outside the box.

In order to think outside the box, one must first agree that sometimes, we put ourselves in a box. We live in the same neighborhoods and go to the same schools with the same people and rarely, if ever, try to learn something innovative and contradictory to what our groups admire.

Most people believe what others before them have believed (without question) as opposed to actually thinking for themselves.

The herd mentality transcends race, class, and gender.

As Ryan Blair and other entrepreneurs note, "the death cycle" that people get into is due to fear of what others may think about them if they do not conform.

The death cycle is about failing to question what could actually improve the lives of the less fortunate.

The death cycle is about doing what you're told. The death cycle is not about becoming the best you, but about limiting your full potential in order to make everyone else happy.

To flourish during the hard times, push yourself to do the uncomfortable during your everyday life.
-Tyler Tervooren
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