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Intellectual Laziness

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Corporate America encourages ignorance and submission because the moment someone accepts such a job, they begin to evaluate everything novel as a waste of time.

Once people start to think in terms of productivity, they stop thinking in terms of lifelong learning. People become increasingly less sophisticated the longer they believe the lie that selling time for money is actually a good idea.

Entrepreneurs resent employees because employees believe that time for money is a wonderful idea and stay trapped in a negative spiral of work, particularly mind-numbing corporate grunt work.

The average person does not have time to think. Outside of work, these people decompress through watching television and listening to popular music. The lives of most employees are not something that anyone should envy. Although employees can make a great deal of money, these people stop living life the minute they start working for a company.

The richest people do not work on a time clock. The richest people create excessive value within a day for the masses of people who are unfortunately rats in this so-called race.

"Poor in the mind, poor in the wallet"-Sam King

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