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Corporate America

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I realized after about two weeks of work that corporate America is a horrible place. Most of the people within the corporate structure are too miserable to voice their opinions about current events or anything that might be troubling them, such as the issues that affect middle class Americans.

The majority of people are underpaid and are hardly compensated in relation to their CEOs. The CEOs and senior managers make a ridiculous sum of money and yet do very little of the grunt work that those at the bottom do.

Some people believe in conservatism and pulling one's self up by the boot straps. However, hard work in corporate America is not about stellar output or even quality. Hard work is translated into compliance, submission, and blind obedience to authority.

None of the websites that might stimulate thought are actually allowed while working. Everything is created to reduce any sort of radical thought and everything that an employee does is monitored.

People who have actually been super successful and extremely rich sort of side stepped the corporate structure and instead created an enterprise. Many of the mid-level and senior executives that I have met over the course of two weeks really do not think outside the box. These people think like mercenaries and are only interested in making someone else wealthy.

"A job was never created to make you wealthy."-Farrah Gray

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