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Awesome Failure

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Earlier this year, I lost my teeth and had to get them replaced.

These teeth came out of my mouth and went through my upper lip.

As tragic as the accident was, the damage is already done and the teeth have been replaced by some brand new veneers.

The experience taught me that I have to rely on my smarts and not my looks to get ahead. Charm is endearing, but charm alone won't advance my career.

Before I knew I was attractive and began receiving validation on my outward appearance, I used to love working hard and putting in sweat equity, but somewhere along the way, I got lost in the daze of partying, reckless behavior, and all types of temptations that can befall a young, independent man on his own in the big city.

I moved to Pittsburgh in order to receive an education, but somehow lost sight of my goals. I got in with the "cool" kids and the rest as they say is history.

But, due to the accident, I'm centered and grounded like never before. I am focused and ready to embark on the next step in this long journey.

I realize that being a young person is difficult in this society. Everyone and their mama wants to get to know you or just hang out with you when you have good looks.

It's definitely more difficult to study when you look good. And, society makes it seem like good-looking people are completely moronic imbeciles without acknowledging the ways in which attractive people are hounded from an early age by their less attractive counterparts.

From now on, I am going to relegate myself to the library and insert headphones into these ears to avoid being bothered by people constantly. Men and women want a piece of me, but I have to focus on becoming successful.

I have jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities to master over the course of the year. In the meantime, I will definitely do my best to save money and make it out to the West Coast.

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