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1)      Wake up early every morning. The best time to wake up is around 6AM and the latest time to wake up is 8AM.
2)       The best time to eat is right after waking up. I want to eat right after I wake up.
3)      I want to brush my teeth.
4)      I want to wash my body with amazing soap.
5)      I want to read the news, NY Times, Financial Times, Economist, BBC, Al-Jazeera, and other important information.
6)      I want to make sure that I clean my room. 
7)      I want to make sure that my clothes are neat.
8)      I want to make sure that I look for new employment and educational opportunities. I want to
9)      I want to make sure that I call home once a day. I want to check up on family members once a day.
10)  I want to pray before leaving the house.
11)  I want to get on the bus and really enjoy the ride to work every morning.
12)  I want to be thankful for what I have while I work.
13)  I want to do a really good job and strive to meet new people.
14)  I want to learn something new every day.
15)  I want to set up a budget so that I decrease my impulsive decisions.

16)  I want to complete the required work at my job and come home to a clean room.
17)  I want to meditate in that space and ease my mind without the aid of substances.
18)  Then, I want to make sure that I read some more articles from reputable newspapers.
19)  I want to call home to check in with my family and see how their day was.
20)  I want to spend time educating myself by reading some amazing books.
21)  I want to brush my teeth. 
22)  I want to cook dinner.
23)  I want to make sure that my clothes are neat and washed.
24)  I want to make sure that I appreciate what I have.
25)  I want to clean my space.
26)  I want to pray and thank the Lord for my day and the fact that I have another day.
27)  I want to take a nice warm shower.
28)  I want to go to sleep with no bitterness towards anyone or anything.
29)  I want to sleep well.
30)  Wake up!

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