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Quarterly Goals

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Besides  a daily routine that will likely help with my general mood, I want to make some short-term goals.

I will call these goals quarterly goals.

Quarterly goals are goals that last for three months.

The first goal that I have is to live to be twenty-four years old.

My other goal is to build a good relationship with my family and very close friends.

I want to travel to California in the next three months. I don't want to move there completely, but I want to ultimately go apartment hunting.

I want to stop getting by and start getting ahead.  In order to get ahead, I have to start saving a little bit each month, not for retirement, but for emergencies.

Lastly, the way to get ahead is through increasing my skill. I don't want to live in the world of reading about building businesses, I want to actually take the time to build my second venture.

In the past, my ventures were lacking in scalability. However, with enough hard work, I can learn how to use technology to make a very good valuation and execute the ideas that I currently possess.

How do I increase my skill?
I must increase my skill by doing the things that cause discomfort today, so that the future returns of this sacrifice are great.

For instance, right now, I type 80 wpm. In the next three months, I want to be able to type 100 wpm.

I also want to re-do this website. It's hosted on Blogger, but if I host it on my own terms, then I can be more selective with the the ads and the revenue that I generate from the site.

It's not easy, but I have to learn HTML, Javascript, Python, and other programming languages. I want to master at least one of these within the next three months.

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