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On Writing Again

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I definitely was inspired to update readers daily. After reading some other authors over Thanksgiving break, I realized the only way to be a great writer is to do it frequently and make changes as you go along.

Starting and stopping are for people who are not yet serious about writing.

Writing is something that I like to do as a past time, but in 2013. I want to do it more professionally.

I'd like to thank everyone for their birthday wishes and do whatever it takes to become a more honest person in the upcoming year.

There's a lot that I want to change. Mainly, my technical skills will improve over the next year. I also want to host the site on my own terms and begin to actually make larger profits from my artistry.

I am always open to suggestions from friends, strangers, and other writers. Follow me on Google +

If you haven't already add me on LinkedIn and Twitter. I don't really use Facebook anymore, but might resume in the upcoming year.

I am nothing without you. Thanks for reading.

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