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Fridays and Fantasizing

When I woke up, I was very tired, but I made it through the day. I ate breakfast and went straight to work on accomplishing my agenda.

Breakfast was very good. I ate more than once. After breakfast, I went straight to the job centre. The interior of this place was well-designed. I appreciate impressive interior design and the ability to carve a narrative within a building.

The office spaces were modern and artistic, it's amazing how under-utilized these places are in the Pittsburgh area.

I sat in the office and typed a very thorough cover letter, it was one of the more heartfelt letters that I have ever written and explained the barriers that sometimes get in the way of my achievements.
It's easy for people to talk about why they'd make a perfect fit to any company, but it isn't easy to evaluate why the hiring manager should consider someone else. It's important to be honest about your reasons for a certain position. It's not important to attain the position, but to maintain integrity.

Finally, around the time that I had to leave for the meeting with a school official I got sidetracked by a conversation via text message. I realized that the person was trying to start their business, but the only problem was the company required a very large down payment. There are too many people that want to become entrepreneurs, but are really unable to make a huge payment or investment. The MLM companies are very iffy sometimes, so one must be apprehensive about just joining an organization.

I downloaded a program to convert FLAC audio files to MP3, but the issue with the program is still unknown I'm going to figure out who can help me with this problem within the next few days.

Tomorrow, no matter what happens, I'm going to email the person that I've been meaning to email for a while now. The guy's name is Alex Taussig and this idea that I have needs tweaking, but I think with enough determination, I can see the project through to fruition.

After working on my resume and cover letter, I went to the university to meet with Lenny Chan and this person was interested in explaining a certain hearing that will take place on March 5th. I have to prepare a ten minute speech without interruption. This will be my most important speech yet.


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