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Thursdays and Trailblazing

Since I'm actually writing this from memory, the details may be a little spotty.

The day started out beautifully. The first thing that I did was get something to eat. After breakfast, I went to AT&T store because the phone was not working.

When I got to the AT&T store, I managed to explain the problem to the customer service representative and the person asked if I wanted to use my debit card.

I was trying to renew the plan online, and over the phone, but every time the operator said the card was declined. The issue with the card is still unknown. I have funds available in my account and the funds were very much available on both occasions, but the problem with the card is that it's not a credit card, it's only a debit card.

Wells Fargo has given me trouble for quite some time. It's definitely not something that I want to write about because it has way too many problems to list.

The day went rather smoothly. The library was the next destination. The library was the place where I picked up a book that I had on hold. The library is a wonderful place.

Then, I went on campus to request a meeting with a school official. After scheduling the meeting. I went home and went to the YMCA.

The YMCA has a Careers Links site and the place has computers, printers, copiers, and other items for those that are serious about employment. The school is not a good place to do all those things because they charge for everything, but these head-hunters will allow you to do these things for free.

After that, I got home and had a phone interview with a company. The company offered a position, but the second round interview has to happen and the nearest location is Philadelphia. The job requires a huge time commitment and I'm not certain that it's a job that will allow me to get out of debt within a year. So, I have to keep applying myself to various positions to keep my head above water and also work on building new skills.

After the job interview, I tried making a phone call, but the phone company kept sending me messages stating that the plan did not renew because my balance was too low. I realize that I must get a real phone plan as opposed to a pre-paid plan, or use Skype, or just not have a cell phone at all because the bill really adds up.

Perhaps I could schedule Skype interviews for the next two interviews. This is one of those times where I feel the need to use the time without a phone to innovate and perhaps I will.


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