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Museums and The Wire

I went to The Mattress Factory yesterday. I finally committed to going although I had made plans to do it much earlier.

But, lo and behold, I finally went to the museum. It was the first cultural thing I had done in quite a while. I really enjoyed getting out of the house, not to eat fast food, or even eat at a restaurant, or to work at my temporary post, but to gain some sort of knowledge or enlightenment.

After the museum, I went to the Monterey Pub. I met someone who works with a local television station. The guy liked my style and said that he looks for talent. He uses my agency, but he never came across my card.

So, he gave me his business card and told me to send my link. I did as soon as I got to a laptop. It's time like those where a smartphone would be useful.

Finally, I went to the Allegheny YMCA after conversing with the fellow and paying for my Mexican War Street Burger and fries. I am a very simple man.

At the YMCA, I filled out a job application. I am still not part of the information age, so I applied with a pen and paper. I'll be the doing the same because I want to work small jobs and focus more on my artistry at the moment.

As we speak, I'm planning a trip to a few places to speak with management.

But, I digress, I was being absent-minded and left my wallet at the YMCA. I panicked as soon as I needed to realized what I had done. So, within two minutes of losing the wallet and walking out the place to catch the bus, I marched right back into the building and the wallet was completely gone.

I was distraught.

The two men at the counter told me to fill out at incident report, but I started losing my cool quickly because I had all my items in the wallet.

I filled out the report and left the building after talking to the guys. My plans for dinner and whatnot were cancelled. However, I had one more opportunity to get the wallet back. By some leap of faith, the person who found the wallet turned it in right as I had given up hope about ever finding the wallet. The perma-grin on my countenance was unbeatable. I only had a few dollars and wanted to treat the guy to a drink at the pub, but my bus came as he and I talked about how scared I was that it had been stolen.

Thank God for kind people. Finally, I want to the convenience store and applied for a position. Then, I went to another stop and got on the Liberty to Whole Foods.

When I got to Whole Foods, I waited and made sure to decide what to do for the rest of the evening. I decided to grab some ice cream with a friend. I had a pint. It was one of those days. I almost lost my wallet, so I thought that I'd celebrate.

After ice cream, we discussed the flaws in my latest business plan and I was happy to receive criticism.
Finally, to top the night off, we watched his many tarantulas. I had seen them in November, but not since then and they had grown tremendously. I was able to watch one of the tarantulas eat a cricket.

I wanted to take a picture, but forgot. It was quite a sight to see. After drinking countless glasses of water and watching two episodes of The Wire. I headed out to grab another burger, this was from Stack'd on Copeland St near Walnut St. It was quite busy even though it was after midnight. The service was horrible. And, all my friend wanted to do was sleep.

I was able to get home safe and sound. It was quite an eventful Saturday.


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