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Palm Sunday

So, instead of going to church, I went to the library and managed to contact one of my friends who is also in Computer Science.

This is one of the nicest people that I know in Pittsburgh. Fortunately, this was an ongoing problem with making sure that the operating system and office suite could be replaced.

Thus, when I managed to get to the library and tried installing Windows BIOS on the external hard drive, the device was not able to install anything on BIOS.

Besides, when I contacted one of my friends, he let me know that Ubuntu was a good OS, and it's free. After going to RadioShack and buying the DVDs, I trekked back to the library and managed to download Ubuntu. After downloading Ubuntu and burning it on a DVD, I put BIOS on a DVD. So, I didn't use more than two DVDs. I have like 8 to 10 left. I also have tons of space left on my external as well.
Belle Watling and Melanie by Max Steiner on Grooveshark
While travelling back to the library, I had pizza and fries. This is the last fast food meal that I'm eating before the marathon. The last thing that I need is to register and simultaneously get a gym membership. I also have to get my W-2 forms sent to my father's accountant.

In order to be happy, I'll likely need to file taxes for the last year. It's incredibly daunting to maintain a schedule and control my diet and start a business, but it can be done.

Anyway, the day wound up being productive. Apparently, there's supposed to be a snow storm coming through the area tonight and the effects of the storm will leave the city covered in snow. Fortunately, some places will still be open tomorrow. I'm definitely going to take pictures of the city and make sure to indulge the readers with views of the city covered in snow. The photos of my cleaned bedroom need to be posted as well.


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