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Legal Issues

Court is a place that I do not want to become familiar with, however, due to some legal troubles, I'll appear thrice this year. Rather than sugarcoat everything, I'm going to address the issue right here. From my perspective, the court case tomorrow is about getting compensated for all the times that the landlord has made threats against me. Landlords are supposed to collect rent, hire contractors, cleaners, and those able to upkeep a property. 

The landlord that I have had over the past year has to reacquaint himself with his job description. In the last two months, the behavior that the landlord displayed towards his tenants became more unstable. Whenever I have been late in the past, the landlord commits questionable acts. For instance, stealing items from my room and trying to instigate a fight, putting a board on my bedroom door, taking the door off its hinges entirely, which exposes my room to all the visitors in the apartment and the roommates, and finally making threats about following me to work and fucking me up. 

These questionable acts grew worse because they were never reported and since landlords tend to have power in our society, none of his tenants have the gall to face him and his attorneys in court. However, the landlord met his match the minute he allowed me to stay on his property. Although it is going to be tough to prove my side beyond a reasonable doubt, I want to go forward and show him that I'm not afraid of doing the right thing. Besides, if no one else cares about their well-being and possessions, that does not mean that I have to follow suit. 

I'll continue sharing details, especially as the cases unfold and I make sense of everything (positive and negative) that has occurred in the past few years. It's a shame that it's been a whole year since I updated any blogs. 

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